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Q: How can I get help with my account balance, making a payment, and/or establishing a payment plan?

A:  Please contact Customer Support at 1-877-402-4221.

Q: How do I submit EOB Insurance Questions pertaining to rejections, payments, and refunds?

A:  We are unable to access your individual insurance plan details. Please contact your insurance for more information regarding EOB questions.

Q: How can I update my address and personal information?

A: Please submit Contact Us form and provide the updated information in the appropriate field.

Billing Account #

Name of patient

Name of insurance and contact information found on the back of your insurance card

Name of subscriber

Subscriber ID

Group #

Q: Why didn’t my insurance cover this bill?

A:  Please contact your insurance provider for more information related to your benefit plan.

Q: I paid this bill, why I am still getting billed for it? It is possible the payment was not received before the statement was generated ?

A:  It is possible the payment was not received before the statement was generated.  If you feel you
have received this bill after payment was made please contact us to verify at 1-877-402-4221.

Q: Why did I receive a letter from a collection agency?

A:  Since your account has been transferred, please contact the collection agency directly at this time.

Q: I do not have my account number. How do I go about finding out what it is?

A:  Please contact Customer Support at 1-877-402-4221.

Q: Why did I receive this bill?

A:  This bill is for laboratory services performed by Health Network Laboratories. The balance could be due to a deductible or copay; services not covered by your insurance provider; and/or missing insurance information.

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Q: What jobs are currently available?

A:  Job openings are listed under the Careers section on HNL’s website.  Please visit and select the Careers section located on the menu bar.  You’ll find a list of current openings at HNL.

Q: How can I reset my login for My HNL Careers?

A:  Resetting your login information can be done by selecting the “Forgot your Password Link” on the log-in screen. We will send a new password to the email address on file.  You will need your username and answers to your security questions in order to reset your password.

Q: How do I apply?

A:  Applications for employment can be completed online at under the Careers section.  Select the Careers tab, located on the main menu bar and then select current openings. Once you select the position you are interested in, select the Apply Now button and you can build an online profile and then submit your application.

Q: What is the status of my application?

A:  The status of your application can be found by logging into your profile.  If the position you are interested in is still open, then your application is still under consideration.  We will send an email to let you know when the recruiting process is closed.

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Q: What are your locations and hours?

A:  HNL has almost 50 locations for your convenience. Please use this link to view our Patient Service Center Locator. Hours and contact information for each location are listed.

Q: What insurance do you take?

A:   Health Network Laboratories accepts most insurance policies. Please use this link to see providers in your region.
Please note: We recommend that you confirm coverage with your insurance provider before visiting—sometimes participating plans vary depending on your physician.

Q: Where can I get my results?

A:  When you use HNL you have two options for receiving lab results.

You may contact your physician.

Log onto When you create a MyHNLAccess account you’ll be able to see your results as soon as they are posted by our lab scientists. We will email or SMS text you when results are ready to view.

Q: What’s your billing address?

A:      Health Network Labs
         LOCK BOX #9581
         PO BOX 8500
         Philadelphia, PA 19178-8500

Q: Do you need an appointment to get your lab work done?

A:  No!  Wait time is typically 15 minutes or less.

Q: How do I pay my bill?

A:  There are several convenient ways to pay your bill.
1. Visit
2. Visit
3. Mail payment to:  
    Health Network Labs
    LOCK BOX #9581
    PO BOX 8500
    Philadelphia, PA 19178-8500
4. Use the pre-addressed return envelope included with your invoice.

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Q: Do you already have an account through the Healthcare Professional Portal?

•       To create or define a user
•       To reset your password
•       To order supplies
•       Etc.
Please login to and submit your request here
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•       If you have questions pertaining to other applications, or results for yourself, or a family member please contact our Customer Support Department at:1-877-402-4221
Note: Submissions to be filtered through helpdesk as they are today